Wireless PowerShare: Galaxy S10's hidden feature for road warriors

Samsung's latest smartphone series include a new function that will let you pack less on your next trip and help you out if you have other gear you need to keep powered up on the go.
Written by Matthew Miller, Contributing Writer

Your Galaxy S10 serves as a wireless charging pad

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Business travelers tend to carry and use more than just a smartphone. They often can be found wearing a smartwatch, enjoying wireless earbuds, and maybe even carrying a second phone. With the Galaxy S10e, S10, or S10 Plus you only need to pack along one USB-C charger to keep the other gear topped off on the road.

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After reading through Larry Dignan's decision tree article and picking up your new Galaxy S10 device, you will enjoy all kinds of wonderful capability, including two or three rear cameras, one or two front-facing cameras, AI in those cameras, fast networks speeds, and much more. The glass back of your Galaxy S10 will also appear to be the same as all other glass back phones, but there is a hidden feature present that many will come to appreciate.

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The back of each Galaxy S10 also serves to function as a Qi wireless charging pad identified as Samsung's Wireless PowerShare. To use this feature simply:

  1. Unlock your phone, maybe using the new ultrasonic fingerprint scanner
  2. Swipe down to reveal your quick settings panel
  3. Tap on Wireless PowerShare to enable it
  4. Set your Galaxy S10 down carefully on a flat surface
  5. Place your Qi-enabled wireless charging accessory or smartphone down on the center of the back
  6. Watch you device charge up with your S10 as the power source

With this Wireless PowerShare functionality, you can charge up the new Samsung Galaxy Buds headset, the existing Galaxy Watch, or even a wireless charging capable iPhone XS. For travelers, this means you can take along one USB-C charger, and while it is plugged into your Galaxy S10 your other devices can charge when placed on the back at the same time.

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Samsung will charge up your other gear on the go. But don't worry. It also won't steal all of the power from your Galaxy S10. The feature is setup to stop charging up other devices when your Galaxy S10 gets down to 30 percent remaining capacity. I'll check to see if this setting can be adjusted, because in some situations you may want to sacrifice more of your phone battery to continue using your other gear as well.

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Huawei was the first to provide this capability in its Mate 20 Pro device, but you won't find this device in the US, so it's a moot point for US wireless customers. It is a convenient feature and with batteries ranging from 3,100mAh to 4,100mAh capacity in the Galaxy S10e, S10, and S10 Plus you should have plenty of juice to keep your other gear topped off on the go.

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