Worst. Windows 7. Piece. EVER!

Over on Slashdot is perhaps the worst piece on Windows 7 that I've see so far (I find it hard to believe that this one will be beaten anytime soon ...).
Written by Adrian Kingsley-Hughes, Contributing Writer

Over on Slashdot is perhaps the worst piece on Windows 7 that I've see so far (I find it hard to believe that this one will be beaten anytime soon ...).

A few days' testing of Windows 7 has already disclosed some draconian DRM, some of it unrelated to media files. A legitimate copy of Photoshop CS4 stopped functioning after we clobbered a nagging registration screen by replacing a DLL with a hacked version. With regard to media files, the days of capturing an audio program on your PC seem to be over (if the program originated on that PC). The inputs of your sound card are severely degraded in software if the card is also playing an audio program (tested here with Grooveshark). This may be the tip of the iceberg. Being in bed with the RIAA is bad enough, but locking your own files away from you is a tactic so outrageous it may kill the OS for many persons. Many users will not want to experiment with a second sound card or computer just to record from online sources, or boot up under a Linux that supports ntfs-3g just to control their files.

OK, just a few points worth making:

  • Someone messes about with Photoshop in order to crack it, the program then breaks, and that's somehow the fault of Windows?!?!!
  • Why would Photoshop CS4 contains some super-secret anti-tamper system that's incorporated into Windows 7?
  • What DLL was changed? Cracks are very variable and many just don't work.
  • As to the inability to record, this is also an issue under Vista, and is highly dependent on the sound card and sound card driver used. An example of this is Realtek drivers - OEM supplied drivers usually have recording crippled and to get access to full features you have to download the full driver.

The piece goes on to howl at the moon about Windows firewall (describing behavior already exhibited by Windows firewall in Vista).

Utter nonesense.

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