Zoom's new AI tools will soon summarize your meetings for you

Zoom is collaborating with OpenAI to outsource your meeting tasks to AI. Here's what you can expect.
Written by Sabrina Ortiz, Editor
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Three years after Zoom's popularity surged during the pandemic, it is now getting an AI makeover. 

On Monday, Zoom announced that it's leveraging OpenAI's technology to expand Zoom IQ, a smart companion for Zoom, by adding AI experiences that can optimize its customers' workflows. 

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Over the past year, Zoom IQ has been slowly expanding on smart features including smart meeting recordings. Zoom is now adding AI-backed productivity features such as chat thread summaries and text generation. 

The text-generating features, Zoom IQ chat compose and Zoom IQ email compose, will use generative AI to draft messages and responses using conversational context and user direction. 

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The Zoom IQ meeting summary feature will automatically sum up the contents of a meeting in real time. If you join a meeting late, you will be able to utilize this feature to catch up on what you missed quickly. 

Once the session ends, the recap is delivered in a shareable format to the Zoom Team Chat where the team can access the contents of the meeting, as well as suggested action items. 

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The new Zoom IQ features will become available "to select customers by invitation" starting in April, according to the blog post. 

Zoom isn't the first work productivity tool to adopt AI features; Slack, Google Workspace, and Microsoft 365 all announced their own AI integrations this month, too. 

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