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Hisense unveils one of the brightest TVs you'll ever see, and one of the thinnest

The company announced its new lineup of TVs at CES, and like other manufacturers, it's the year of going big.
Written by Artie Beaty, Contributing Writer
Hisense 110UX TV at CES 2024
Sabrina Ortiz/ZDNET

Hisense has a history of packing an impressive amount of features and quality into an affordable package when it comes to televisions, and it looks like it will be doing much of the same in 2024.

The company announced its new lineup of TVs at CES, and like other manufacturers, it's the year of going big.

Offerings this year are separated into two lines -- a ULED series and a ULED X series that's a little more premium. 

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The U6, U7, and U8 make up the more affordable ULED line. Hisense was the first TV manufacturer to put mini-LED backlighting into its entire lineup, and this year it's only getting brighter. The series is available in 55" to 85" sizes, but like last year, there's a special model with a 100" screen (the U76). 

This entire series utilizes Dolby Vision, reaches up to 3,000 nits of brightness, and has a 144 hz display, making it a fantastic option for gamers. The U7 and U8 get an upgrade to Hisense's Hi-View Engine, which, like a lot of televisions today, uses AI to analyze content and improve the picture.

On the premium side, Hisense announced the new 75UX, 98UX and 110UX. Notable about the 75UX is that the company says it's its thinnest mini-LED set ever at less than 14 millimeters deep. The 90UX offers a 5,000 nit display -- a big jump from the lower tier -- with more than 10,000 dimming zones, giving a deeper contrast than ever before. Like Hisense's more affordable line, this series also runs a 144 hz display that keeps video games looking smooth.

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The 110UX was the most eye-popping announcement though. If the massive 110" ULED display wasn't enough, this television boasts a staggering 10,000 nits of brightness -- far brighter than most TVs on the market today. This set also runs on Hisense's Hi-View Engine.

And even though it's likely not going to be available this year, Hisense teased its "CanvasTV" with wood bezels and a flush wall mount – a direct competitor to Samsung's Frame

Exact pricing and release dates haven't been revealed, but if they follow last year's schedule, we should see the new sets by late spring. 

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