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Vodafone wins NZ Post network-as-a-service deal

NZ Post CFO Mark Yeoman claims an Asia-Pacific first with a network-as-a-service roll-out.
Written by Rob O'Neill, Contributor on

New Zealand Post’s network services are set for a major redesign after the inking of a five-year network-as-a-service contract with Vodafone.

Under the contract, Vodafone will provide services to including network connectivity, voice services, Wi-Fi, security services and video conferencing to NZ Post in a project due for completion by the end of next year.

“The current New Zealand Post IT network is complex and difficult to manage. New Zealand Post was looking for a way to improve efficiency, take advantage of current-day technology, reduce cost, and easily flex the network as its business changes," New Zealand Post chief financial officer Mark Yeoman said.

New Zealand Post was looking for flexibility, innovation and significant cost reductions, he said.

A tender issued in June 2013 asked for the complete redesign and roll out of a range of services including LAN, WAN, WiFi, telephone calls, video conferencing and security services.

"This service based approach lets both parties concentrate on what they each do best. As far as we are aware, this will be one of the first such service arrangements in the Asia Pacific region." he said.

Russell Stanners, CEO of Vodafone NZ, said Vodafone will implement a service-based model focusing on business outcomes rather than underlying technology.

The value of the deal was not disclosed.

In 2012 Vodafone NZ bought TelsraClear from Telstra for NZ$840 million aiming to strenghten its overall portfolio of services. That deal brought significant fixed line and fibre infrastructure into its enterprise offerings.

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