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Free PDF download: How to Optimize the Smart Office

This special report from ZDNet and TechRepublic takes a look at how connected devices are changing and improving work spaces. Download the entire report as a free PDF ebook.
Written by Amy Talbott, Contributor
Image: iStock/chombosan

If there's annoyance or inconvenience in your workspace, there's almost certainly a smart device aimed at solving it. This month's special feature from ZDNet and TechRepublic examines those solutions and how companies can best take advantage of them.

You can download all of the stories as a free PDF ebook (free registration required).

In his introduction to the topic, ZDNet's Charles McLellan pointed out that smart office success has as much to do with leadership as it does with the technology itself. "It's easy to be seduced by the allure of new technology," he wrote in the article. "But when it comes to smart offices and future workplaces a degree of caution is advisable: simply throwing IoT devices, AI and analytics into the mix might not deliver the expected results unless due consideration is given to business, cultural and management issues."

Other articles in this feature take a closer look at some of the most common smart office solutions. TechRepublic writer Olivia Krauth created a list of 10 products to make conference rooms more user-friendly and meetings more efficient and productive. TechRepublic senior editor Conner Forrest wrote about voice assistants and how these devices have the potential to improve and streamline office life. Examining the trends of hot-desking and flexible workspaces, TechRepublic writer Alison DeNisco gathered tips on how companies can use space more efficiently while keeping employees' needs in mind.

Also in this series, TechRepublic editor Steve Ranger wrote about the security concerns associated with the influx of connected devices, and ZDNet writer Mark Samuels reported on IT leaders' tips for making sure smart offices live up to the promise of improved productivity.

To read these articles and others, download the full report as a free PDF.

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