27 Star Wars goodies you can download and 3D print right now

Whether it's an R2D2 egg cup, Darth Vader's melting mask, or storm trooper snow flake ornaments, if you can think of it, you can 3D print it.
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Kotor T3 Droid

This is a beautifully rendered T3 droid from Knights of the Old Republic. Build it here.

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K-2SO Rogue One robot

This is one mean-looking robot. Don't tangle with him unless you mean business. Build it here.

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U-Wing Rogue One fan-designed ship

This is a model inspired by a fan design inspired by the trailer. No doubt, it's inspiring a desire to see the film. Build it here.

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Death Trooper (Rogue One)

With Rogue One coming out, there's always time for just one more bad guy helmet. Build it here.

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Rogue One Imperial vs. Rebel coaster

No Star Wars movie shall be allowed to exist without a coaster. This meets that requirement. Build it here.

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Rogue One earrings

If you're going to see the movie at the theater, go in style. Here are some Rogue One earings. Print them here.

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Jyn Erso's jacket band

This is a belt-dongle-thingy from Thingiverse that's inspired from a belt-dongle-thingy on Jyn Urso's jacket belt. Cosplayers will love it. Build it here.

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Melted Darth Vader Mask

Nothing says the passage of time like the visage of a terrifying villain turned into a banged up and melted collector's trinket. Build it here.

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Rey's Speeder Bike

Every new Star Wars introduces new cool vehicles. Build it here.

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Star Wars Switch Cover Plate Episode 2: Attack of the Dual Extruders

Sometimes the choice between dark and light is hard. Other times, it's like flipping a switch. Build it here.

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Death Star bird house

Nothing says evil, world-destroying base like a Death Star bird house. Build it here.

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Yoda Buddha

Not sure there's any way to describe this other than that it's a delightful fusion of cultural icons. Build it here.

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Fillenium Malcon

No collection of Star War goodies would be complete without the Falcon (or Malcon, in this case). Build it here.

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Luke Skywalker Lightsaber

If you're old-school, you'll like Luke's lightsaber. Build it here.

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Kylo Ren's Lightsaber

If you want to take it up a notch (or three), you'll want the T-shaped lightsaber inspired by Kylo Ren. Build it here.

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Rebel USB key

For the gift that keeps on giving, look no further than a USB key with the rebel logo. Build it here.

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Yoda bust (and 3D printing test case)

Yoda is not just a classic favorite, this Yoda bust is also a classic test for 3D printers. Because it's a difficult shape to print, the Yoda ears help to test how well supports work on 3D printers. Build one here.

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In The Force Awakens, the standout was the little BB-8 robot. I love this guy! Build it here.

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R2D2 egg cup

There's R2D2 and then there's R2D2 as an egg cup. This is why 3D printing exists. Build it here.

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Jar Jar... wait, what?

I'm sorry. So sorry. But someone out there likes Jar Jar and, well, what can I say? Build it here.

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Star Wars iPhone 6 case

It's an iPhone case. Consider printing this in a flexible filament and see how it turns out. Build it here.

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Rebel pilot comm pad

3D printing is great for model makers, costumers, and set builders. This comm pad is a good example. Build it here.

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Motorized AT-AT

This build is exceedingly cool, with gears and motorized components. Make sure to watch the videos. Build it here.

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Storm Trooper key fob

If you want to carry your Star Wars love everywhere you go, here's a key fob for you. Never say the Empire didn't open doors. Build it here.

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Tie Fighter ornament

For those in the holiday spirit, nothing says joy like a Tie Fighter ornament. Build it here.

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Storm Flake

While we're in the holiday spirit, why not hang a snowflake ornament made out of Storm Trooper helmets? Why not, indeed. Build it here.

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Star Wars vs. Star Trek

If you can't decide if your ears say Spock or Yoda, here's a chess set so you can have a melding of the minds and use the Force to duke it out. Build it here.

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