20 awesome office gadgets and must-haves for right this minute

Keyboards, devices, chargers and just cool new stuff that you need to get you through the workday.
By Joal Ryan, Contributor
1 of 20 FluidStance

FluidStance decks

The best boards come from California -- for surfers, and for desk jockeys, too. A range of these back-pain-killing, ergonomic motion boards, including the aluminum-and-bamboo original (pictured), are available directly from FluidStance. (Note: All prices listed were current as of publication.)

2 of 20 Evapolar via ResponseSource

Your own personal climate

The EV-3000 promises to help you create your [own] microclimate, and if you've ever sweated in your cubicle in January, then it's got your attention. It comes complete with Wi-Fi capability and an app... natch. Available from Evapolar for $269.

3 of 20 Loctek/PRNewsfoto

A stand-er-cise desk

It's an exercise bike! It's a standing desk! It is, per its manufacturer, "the world's first sit-stand-cycle desk bike." And, for what it's worth, it's also a Consumer Electronics Show 2018 Innovation Awards honoree. Get the Deskcise Pro from FlexiSpot for $499.99.

4 of 20 TEC Accessories

A next-level fidget toy

The Orbiter bills itself as the "newest and greatest fiddle/desktop device." It backs up the talk with titanium (the hand spinner), steel (the trackball), and "fluid inertia" (the soothing thing the Orbiter does when you give it a whirl). Prices start at $64.95 at TEC Accessories.

5 of 20 ThinkGeek

A Star Trek Bluetooth combadge

CNET called this Bluetooth-enabled, hands-free calling device a wearable, "supercool speakerphone." And, it noted, "you won't look nearly as weird as those people with Bluetooth earsets." Plus, it chirps just like a proper Enterprise combadge should. Available from ThinkGeek for $79.99.

6 of 20 OneTwo via Amazon

This incredibly cool clock-fan

Enjoy the breeze and stay current with this, ahem, cool clock-fan combo that plugs into your device via a USB port. Get it at Amazon for $13.79.

7 of 20 ThinkGeek

A 'Batman'-inspired bust bank

You totally need this on your desk. For one thing, it'll safeguard your spare change. For another, it'll help you access the Batcave in case Commissioner Gordon calls. (That last part was a Bat-joke -- pow!) Get the TV Batman vibe -- in the form of this heavy-vinyl bust bank -- from ThinkGeek for $59.99.

8 of 20 Ember via Facebook

A smart coffee mug

Hailed by Time as one of the best inventions of 2017, the Ember is an app-controlled, 10-ounce ceramic mug that'll keep your morning coffee the perfect, preferred temperature even if, owing to deadlines, you don't finish it 'til the evening. The list price is $79.95; get it directly from Ember, or look for one, as they say, at a Starbucks near you.

9 of 20 newPCgadgets via PR Newswire

A holder for your spinner

First came the fidget spinner. Then came the hands-free, fidget-spinner holder. Of the latter, The Verge declared, it's "the Newton's cradle of 2017." Get the all-acrylic Spinner PAD for $6.95 from newPCgadgets.

10 of 20 Amazon

A more serious Alexa

Amazon's new, "pay-as-you-go" service is aimed at making your office as smart as your home. Tell your Alexa for Business-enabled Echo to handle a conference call, reserve a meeting room, or, as CNET pointed out, order office supplies from you-know-where. A starter kit, featuring a combined seven Echo, Echo Dot and Echo Show devices, is available for about $700.

11 of 20 Uncommon Goods

A recyclable iPad stand

Add retro style to your desk -- and iPad and iPad Air -- with this $30 recycled-cardboard stand from Uncommon Goods. Rabbit ears not included.

12 of 20 Microsoft

One of our favorite tablets

With the potential for 16GB RAM, the latest Surface Pro "is a powerful device which could be an appreciated gift for those in business," we said in declaring it one of our top tech gadgets of 2017. Prices start at $799 at Microsoft.

13 of 20 Mophie via Facebook

A fast wireless charging base

In our look at wireless charger pads, we highlighted this fast-charging, 7.5-watt device as a pick to click for the new iPhone 8 and iPhone X. Get it from Mophie for $59.95.

14 of 20 Mighty Mug

A truly mighty mug

The next time a stray baseball flies onto your desk, it is not knocking over your mug, and spilling coffee on your keyboard -- if, that is, you've poured your cuppa joe into the mechanically engineered, desk-gripping Mighty Mug. A variety of styles and colors are available.

15 of 20 Das Keyboard

A favorite mechanical keyboard

One of TechRepublic's "favorite mechanical keyboards," the $169, aluminum-panel-topped, nearly 3-pound Das Keyboard 4 is a serious piece of home-office equipment. Buy it direct from Das Keyboard. Available with Cherry MX Blue or Cherry MX Brown switches, for clicky or soft keystrokes, respectively.

16 of 20 Samsung

A super-sizer for your phone

If you have an extra monitor and the desk space, CNET said, then the DeX Station is the relatively inexpensive way to turn your Galaxy Note 8 or Galaxy S8/S8+ into a makeshift desktop computer. It also works as a multi-port charging dock. The DeX retails retails for $149.99.

17 of 20 David Carnoy/CNET

Very, very good noise-cancelling headphones

Tune out the office with the WH-1000XM2, the updated version of one of CNET's "favorite noise-cancelling wireless headphones." The site found that the gear's "already excellent noise cancelling" is even better this time around. The list price is $349.99.

18 of 20 Microsoft via Amazon

A desktop that loves you back

Introduced in 2013, this wrist-and-finger-friendly, wireless combo set, featuring a keyboard, mouse and number pad, has been updated for Windows 10, allowing you, per TechRepublic, "to customize the heck out of the keyboard." Get it for a substantial markdown from its $129.95 list price at Amazon.

19 of 20 CNET

Pro-level tracking devices

The Tile Sport (pictured) and appropriately stylish Tile Style comprise Tile's recently launched Pro Series line. "They feel sturdy and look more premium than the previous, almost pure white Tiles," CNET said. They beep louder, too, when you need them to pipe up, and help you find your keys. Priced at $35 each from Tile.

20 of 20 Raspberry Pi Foundation via Facebook

A super-fresh Raspberry Pi

This is the latest version of the bare-bones, credit-card-sized computer. It only costs about $35 on Amazon, and, yes, you can use it as your work PC, TechRepublic's Nick Heath wrote, if "you're willing to make minor adjustments to how you work and trivial tweaks to the official Raspbian OS."

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