OtterBox Pursuit and Strada for Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus: Premium leather and enhanced audio

OtterBox is the Kleenex of rugged cases and the two I tested with the Galaxy S10 Plus are a bit unique. One has elegant leather while the other offers a lanyard and enhanced audio in a thin design.
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OtterBox Strada and Pursuit for Galaxy S10 Plus

OtterBox has a large assortment of cases for the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus, ranging from $33.95 to $77.95 across six series. One option includes the new Otter + Pop Defender series where a Pop Socket is embedded into the case.

For the last couple of weeks I've been using a brown leather Strada model and a black Pursuit case.

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Inside the Strada Espresso leather case

This is the first time I've tested one of the leather OtterBox cases and I found the leather material to be soft and attractive. The Strada is a folio-style case that opens like a book with a card slot on the left side. It is available now for $69.95.

A brown polycarbonate shell holds the S10 Plus securely in place while the left side holds up to two cards and also protects your display when closed.

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Back and front of the Strada leather case

The premium leather has character and looks great. While I tried out the Espresso model you can also purchase one in black, labeled Shadow.

There is an ample opening on the back for the triple rear cameras. Three unique raised leather nubs let you manipulate the volume controls and Bixby button.

I love the leather design and appreciate the card slot, but would have loved to have seen the ability to use this folio as a kickstand case too.

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Magnetic metal closure

There is a small metal piece in the polycarbonate back piece and a magnet in the top flap to help hold the front of the Strada folio case closed. The magnet is not very strong though so when you have too many cards or cash in the front flap it may not hold the front closed.

The OtterBox branding is positioned on this metal piece too.

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Back triple camera opening on the Strada case

OtterBox has durable stitching on the leather back panel and some angled polycarbonate leading into the opening for the triple rear camera. The leather looks like it will also age well.

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Raised left side buttons

The buttons are large enough to activate and are well integrated into the spine of the case.

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Bottom openings in the rear shell

You can easily use your preferred 3.5mm headset and USB-C cable through these openings. The speaker is also open so that sound is not compromised at all.

The case offers OtterBox certified drop protection and as you can see the edges are well protected.

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Only slide in two cards

I was able to insert my door access and ORCA transit pass cards in the case, but nothing else. OtterBox advertises that two cards are supported by the Strada case and I verified that is indeed the limit.

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Back of the black Pursuit series case

The Pursuit series case offers OtterBox Drop+ protection and is built to withstand the elements. This $69.95 case is available in black, black/clear, and Autumn Lake (green and brown).

There are seals around every opening with an ample foam seal around the triple rear camera opening.

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Lower front half of the Pursuit case

The right opening is where the speaker is redirected when your S10 Plus is in the case.

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Lower back of the Pursuit series

There is a lanyard opening on the left left of the back with substantial port covers for the 3.5mm headset jack and USB-C port.

The OtterBox branding is present on the back too. There are soft rubber side panels that help you grip your phone while also offering some level of shock absorption.

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Lower port covers

There are covers for the USB-C port and 3.5mm headset jack. There is no opening for the speaker as the case redirects the audio up instead so that the audio now comes out the front, towards you, rather than downward.

The other openings in this photo is for the lanyard and lower microphone.

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Left side buttons

Volume and Bixby buttons protrude from the left side so that you can easily manipulate them with your phone in the case.

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Raised bezel for screen protection

There is a raised bezel around the front so that you can rest your S10 Plus down on the table while having the screen protected. The case is a one-piece case even though it has polycarbonate and elastomer levels of protection.

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