24 internet-connected things that really shouldn't be online

A roundup of some of the more bizarre things that are online -- but really shouldn't be.
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1. Don't put your ski lift gondola on the internet

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2. Don't put your Pentagon systems on the internet

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4. Don't put your 'heizbetrieb' on the internet

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5. Don't put your financial planning data on the internet

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7. Don't put your cold storage control systems on the internet

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9. Don't put your virtual keyboard app's customer data on the internet

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11. Don't put your company's sensitive health information on the internet

A telemarketing company's database was found stored on an Amazon S3 storage bucket, including personal and health-related information, such as names, addresses, dates of birth, phone numbers, email addresses, Social Security numbers, and some information on medical conditions.

Source: ZDNet

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12. Don't put your inability to empathize on the internet

This is one of many examples of ordinary internet users exposing their systems to the internet with common remote desktop services. In this case, the user can be seen learning about empathy -- something you hopefully already know.

Source: ZDNet

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13. Don't put your industrial concrete mixers on the internet

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14. Don't put your cash register on the internet

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15. Don't put your cloud's private keys on the internet

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17. Don't put your air conditioning unit on the internet

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18. Don't put your airport's backup servers on the internet

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19. Don't put your toilet satisfaction survey on the internet

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21. Don't put your entire batch of US voter records on the internet

More than 191 million US voters' data was exposed from as far back as 2000. Although in most states, access to voter registration data is available as a matter of public record, much of the data is highly restricted and can be used for limited purposes.

Source: ZDNet

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airforce member looking at a large screen in a dark command room.
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24. Don't put your military security clearance files on the internet

An unsecured backup drive exposed thousands of sensitive Air Force documents, including security clearance applications -- which contain sensitive personal information, and are highly valuable to foreign adversaries seeking to undermine US national security.

Source: ZDNet

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