Nokia 3330: WAP in your hands

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Nokia 3330
Nokia 3330

The “Paddle Pop”-shaped mobile phone is back. Yes, the Nokia 3310 is now back as 3330 with the addition of WAP Internet access. But that’s not all.

Nokia 3330 = Nokia 3310 + WAP?

In addition to the WAP-enabled features, the dual-band 3330 comes with an extra pinball game called Bumper and a built-in 100-entry phone book. The most interesting new feature though is the screensavers, which are now animated instead of the static ones found on the 3310.

Otherwise, the 3330 and its earlier predecessor, the 3310, looks completely identical. Both phones have the same dimensions, comes with integrated antennas and greenish-yellow backlight. There is no way you can differentiate between the two until you access the phone menu where there is an extra “Service” option on the 3330 (or from the animated screensavers).

Like the 3310, the new Nokia phone has a mobile chat function that lets you message your friends via “ICQ” style. You can even make use of a nickname for chatting. The only catch is that this feature only works between the 3310 and 3330 phones. Other phones will receive the message like any other ordinary SMS.

SMS features

And talking about SMS, the Nokia 3330 not only supports picture messaging and smiley icons, it also has T9 predictive text input capabilities. And if you need to send a SMS to many people at the same time, the 3330 comes with a built-in multiple SMS function that lets you do so.

For those who are not aware, with the T9 system, users only need to press on each button once (instead of pressing “7” three times to get an “R”) to form a word. Usually, the most commonly used word will appear and if that is not what you want, you can toggle between possible word combinations or spell it in directly.

For the young and trendy

Designed for the young and trendy, the Nokia phone can be styled to suit your mood or your outfit, with the interchangeable covers. Don’t like any of the 35 ring tones provided? With the 3330, you can also compose and store up to seven of your very own ring tones. Additional ring tones and screensavers can be downloaded from the Internet too.

Other features found in the 3330 include a clock with alarm function, a calculator, a stopwatch, 5 built-in games (with vibration feedback) and a 35-character reminder function.

Why we like this phone

It may not be the lightest or smallest mobile phone around. It also doesn’t have any of the extra features like infrared data transfer and built-in modem, not to mention GPRS or Bluetooth.

But we like this phone, for the simple reason that it provides an intuitive and user-friendly interface, a good and sturdy grip, a nice set of useful features and a long talk time (of more than four hours on the included lithium-ion battery). Best of all, we like the fact that it can also use 3310 accessories, which is available everywhere now.

Product: Nokia 3330
Price: S$298 (US$164)
Availability in Asia/Pacific: Now
Company: Nokia Corp.;