Unicima V1-WiFi projector review: compact, lightweight and almost portable

Unicima V2 projector review compact and almost portable zdnet
  • Editors' rating
    6.2 Good


  • Small, compact and lightweight
  • HDMI, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity


  • Stated 7000 lumen may be optimistic
  • Dual 3W speakers are very quiet
  • No SD card slot

The Unicima V1-WiFi projector has a neat carrying handle at the top of the unit and is small in size at 8.15 x 7.64 x 6.77 inches. It weighs only 2lbs 2oz without its power supply; it seems like the perfect portable projector.

However, the V1-Wi-Fi has no on-board rechargeable battery and needs to be connected to a power supply to work. You could take a power station such as the Bluetti AC50S with you to be able to use this projector on a camping trip, but it would be far better if the V1-Wi-Fi had a rechargeable battery.

There is a 19V DC power input at the back of the projector, a USB type-A and an HDMI port. There is a power indicator light and an IR receiving light. There is also a jack for audio. There is no SD card slot in the V1-Wi-Fi .

The front of the projector has the lens and the grille for its onboard dual-channel 3W speakers. On top of the projector, there is a wheel for focusing the lens, and at the bottom, there is a screw hole to mount the projector on the ceiling.

At a resolution of 1920x1080p, the V1-Wi-Fi will project up to a 100-inch screen from about 2.5 meters from the screen.

Its contrast score seems reasonable at 6500:1 -- however, this is considerably less than the 10,000:1 contrast offered by the Vankyo Leisure 530W I looked at earlier this month, but the screen image produced is fairly good in low light conditions.

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According to Amazon, the Unicima V1-Wi-Fi is supposed to be rated at 7000 lumens, but I suspect that this figure is fabricated. The V1-Wi-Fi is not that bright in full daylight but reasonable in darkened rooms.

It is important to know the difference between lumen and ANSI lumen and choose devices rated with ANSI lumen if you need good brightness to project in daylight.

The V1-Wi-Fi has a manual focus and manual keystone adjustment of up to 40%. You can also manually zoom from 60 -- 120% using the remote control (AAA batteries are not included with the projector).

You will need to use the remote control to operate this projector. There are not many buttons on the body of the Unicima V1-Wi-Fi apart from the power button on the top of the unit. Press the power button on the top of the projector twice to turn the projector on.

The system settings are easy to configure using the remote control, and there are a couple of apps pre-installed, such as YouTube, Netflix and Aptoid TV.

Adjusting the keystone is easy with the remote control, and you can connect the projector using WI-Fi or the internet to cast your mobile device images to the V1-Wi-Fi .

It is easy to connect the Unicima V1-Wi-Fi to your mobile device and to cast your screen. I am rather dubious about the 3W speaker rating, which I think is optimistic at best. The sound output of the V1-Wi-Fi is not loud at all -- even at 100% volume.

You will need to connect the projector to a Bluetooth speaker for friends to hear the sound if you use the V1-Wi-Fi outside. However, the audio is clear with little distortion over the audio jack or headset.

The Unicima V1-Wi-Fi is a reasonable projector that could be significantly better if it had a rechargeable battery to make it truly portable.

Make sure that you use the projector in a low light environment and connect it to a speaker with a decent sound output if you want everyone in the room to hear the sound.

The V1-Wi-Fi  sells for under $190,  with a code V1WIFI88 to get a further $30 discount. Other projectors in the market are brighter, louder, and, like the XGIMI Mogo Pro, have rechargeable batteries to make them fully portable. Hopefully, the next version of the Unicima projector will address some of these issues in the next upgrade.

For an affordable projector that is lightweight and has a range of connectivity and app options, the Unicima V1-Wi-Fi projector is a low-cost option for a secondary speaker in your home or small office and a reasonable backup projector if your primary projector fails. Make sure you have an external speaker or a headset to enjoy a good range of sound.