1GHz mayhem hits the UK, AMD has the lead

While Intel claims it was first with the 1 GHz chip, it still has no plans for delivering them to the UK
Written by Will Knight, Contributor on

Microprocessor goliath Intel may have broken the 1GHz landmark just days after rival AMD, despite claims Wednesday it was first, but it still lags behind in getting these machines to UK users.

Computer manufacturer Gateway took the wraps off Britain's first supercharged 1GHz Athlon-powered desktop computer Tuesday, dubbed the Select1000. Intel, by contrast, says it does not know when manufacturers are likely to roll out machines using its processor. "Initially production is going to be targeted at North America," says a spokesperson. "But we'll be ramping up to volume production by the middle of year or Q3."

Both Intel and AMD's 1Ghz machines are aimed at the high end desktop user, and are likely to come with a whopping price tag and featuring an excess of 3D gaming and multimedia delights. The Select1000 for example comes with 128Mb SDRAM, 20Gb Hard Drive, DVD and BA 735 speakers. it can be ordered directly from Gateway's British Web site.

AMD caused a storm Monday by announcing the roll-out of the first 1GHz desktop microprocessor and beating arch industry foe Intel to this significant landmark.

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