A Year Ago: Intel slashes prices again

First published: Wed, 29 Apr 1998 16:56:39 GMT

Thanks to Intel, notebook users will catch a price break in the coming weeks.

The world's leading chip maker confirmed Wednesday that it has lowered prices by as much as 42 percent on its mobile Pentium Processor with MMX Technology and as much as 13 percent on its new mobile Pentium II processors.

Intel is making the deepest price cuts on its 200MHz Pentium MMX processor, reducing the price by 42 percent, from $230 (£136) to $134 (£79). The price of the company's two 166MHz Pentium MMX processors was dropped to $95 (£56). The newer 166MHz processor, built on Intel's .25 micron process, was reduced 41 percent from $161 (£95). The older .35 micron-based 166MHz processor was lowered 29 percent from $134 (£79).

Intel also cut the price of its 233MHz Pentium MMX processor by 41 percent, from $359 (£213) to $213 (£126), and shaved the price of its 266MHz Pentium MMX by 25 percent, from $466 (£277) to $348 (£207). The 150MHz Pentium MMX processor was reduced by 10 percent, from $106 (£63) to $95 (£56).

Intel also trimmed the price of its mobile Pentium II processors, which were introduced earlier this month. The 233MHz Pentium II received the steepest cut, falling 16 percent from $466 (£277) to $391 (£232). The 266MHz Pentium II was reduced by 8 percent, from $696 (£414) to $637 (£379).

Prices for processors packaged on Intel's Mobile Module, which are slightly higher, were reduced as well.

The new prices go into effect in May.