AI starting to yield results in influencer campaigns

Influencer marketing campaigns have increased by 172 percent after the introduction of a new AI solution.
Written by Eileen Brown, Contributor

It can be challenging trying to find the correct influencers for your marketing campaign. Brands need to assess whether corporate influencers are more important than celebrities, whether Instagram fraud will ruin their campaign, or whether we trust AI at all.

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Now a new AI solution may deliver the intelligence that brands need to run successful campaigns.

Sherman Oaks, Calif.-based entertainment marketing company Branded Entertainment Network (BEN) has revealed successes from its AI solution.

Brands using the solution include the streaming service Philo and video/games rental operator Redbox have all seen increased performance from their influencer marketing campaigns.

Philo improved the click-through-rate of its influencer marketing campaigns by 172 percent and reduced the number of views it took for the national streaming service to acquire subscriptions by 1,000 percent.

Once BEN fully implemented its AI, Philo was able to increase its subscription conversion efficiency through influencer marketing by nearly tenfold.

The AI solution uses deep learning neural networks with over 30 years of proprietary campaign data, such as performance and ROI tracking, 10 years of influencer marketing campaign data, unstructured video, and audio data.

Rather than simply matching brands with influencers, the AI has been trained to provide clients with predictive analytics to drive  campaign results. The solution's neural networks predict which channels will be most likely to deliver views, clicks, or conversions for specific campaigns.

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Another aspect that both influencers and brands can expect to rise in 2019 is the application of AI to influencer marketing.

With millions of pieces of influencer content across digital platforms with more being added by the second, it is almost impossible for human agents to completely map the landscape to help brands find their "perfect fit" without the help of AI. 

Along with human agents checking influencers, AI can help inform creators of type of content will work for different demographics.

Fred Ehle, VP of Marketing, Redbox said: "We want to work with creators whose sponsored content will engage their audience as well. Based on the performance of our first campaign, we were excited to dive into the second engagement to further explore BEN's AI capabilities."

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