AiroDoctor's $3,995 air purifier takes aim at COVID-19

The system, deployed in Asia and Europe offices, has landed in North America and highlights how air purifiers could become a staple in return-to-work planning.
Written by Larry Dignan, Contributor

AiroDoctor is selling a $3,995 system that neutralizes viruses and bacteria less than 0.1 microns in size and has been deployed in Asia to combat COVID-19.

The new normal for offices and businesses is likely to include air purifiers to make workers and customers feel more comfortable congregating so it's worth watching the space.

AiroDoctor, which has studies showing its effectiveness, has been deployed in South Korea, Japan and Europe with US distribution launching in November. Panasonic at CES 2021 said it is gathering research to show its air purifiers can be a way to fend off COVID-19.

However, AiroDoctor has the research and is regulated as an FDA medical device during the COVID-19 pandemic. AiroDoctor has a four-stage filtration system with the last stage including a photocatalytic filter.

Here's a look at the filter system:


AiroDoctor covers rooms up to 2,150 square feet per unit and is free standing.

CEO Vishal Goyal, CEO of AiroDoctor US, said the system is designed for indoor commercial spaces and deployments so far have varied by region. "AiroDoctor launched in Asia in March, Europe in the summer and was new to North America in November," said Goyal.

Goyal said thousands of the air purifiers have been deployed in South Korea by the government for senior care centers. The systems are also used in Hong Kong railway offices and office spaces in Japan and Singapore.


In Europe, AiroDoctor is used more by small and mid-sized businesses including restaurants, offices and boutique gyms, said Goyal. North America appears to be following a similar pattern, said Goyal, who noted that the COVID-19 pandemic has "created more awareness about indoor air pollution."

"Air purifiers are not the answer to the pandemic but play a role. Air quality is not as good as it should be," said Goyal. Systems like AiroDoctor are to be combined with surface cleaning as well as UV light if used in labs and similar areas. 

The system is manufactured by TaeSeok Precision & Industry Co. Ltd of South Korea. Goyal said there will be product extensions to the system in 2021 using the UVA Photocatalytic technology.

As for the ROI, Goyal said customers are purchasing the AiroDoctor for the comfort levels of customers and workers. For a small business, making a handful of people more comfortable about COVID-19 safety throughout the day can have a meaningful impact on revenue, said Goyal.

He expects air purifiers to become more of a staple even after a COVID-19 vaccine is distributed because customers and workers will be more aware of multiple viruses including influenza and MRSA.

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