Apple advertises one product that actually works well

As more gnawing complaints about Apple products seem to flood the web, Cupertino releases an ad featuring something ingenious that really works.
Written by Chris Matyszczyk, Contributing Writer

Even the iPad works.

Screenshot by ZDNet

Who'd want to be working the phones at the Spaceship's customer service department these days? (If the phones work, that is.)

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iPad Pro users are complaining their screens have become more erratic than Brexit voting.

Then there's the ongoing pain being endured by many with the butterfly keyboards on the MacBook Pro and MacBook Air.

And please take off your caps for the demise of AirPower, a product that was almost there and then evaporated.

Why, in its apparent desperation, Apple has sunk to masquerading as a bank -- the good guys' bank, of course.

Other than its phones -- which have lost a little of their glamor -- what can Apple advertise these days?

Well, it seems the larger creative brains thought it wise to concoct a tale featuring a round pizza box.

In a just-released ad, we see young, enterprising employees suddenly get a chance to impress important people.

But what can these young renegades impress them with? Why, a round box. No, not one that stores scale models of the Spaceship. Instead, a pizza box. Because pizzas are round, right?

So, thanks to the myriad of (working) Apple products at their disposal, they get together to create the prefect prototype and presentation to sell their idea.

The ad is wonderfully cast and beautifully performed. 

I suspect one or two people might suspect that the balding gentleman among our four heroes looks just a little like Steve Jobs. Without the manic need to dominate everything and everyone.

The real inside joke is that these round pizza boxes are real Apple products. They're featured in Apple's own Caffe Mac restaurants. And yes, they're patented.

Apple has made enormous progress in its enterprise offerings. It isn't just creative businesses that now delight in showing off their Apple logos.

It's still, though, a highly competitive area, one in which competitors constantly snoop and swoop.

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Whether it's Google or Facebook that threaten, Apple knows it has to make sure its hardware doesn't start getting a reputation for being unreliable.

Maybe this ad will be the first in a series where our heroic cabal rises in the enterprise thanks to its embrace of Apple products.

And who knows what their next great product idea might be? An iPad that charges all your other devices, perhaps.

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