Apple's new colorful iPhones: Here's what you'll be doing with them

As rumors emerge that Apple will soon release cheaper, brightly colored iPhones, you might wonder why. This could be why.
Written by Chris Matyszczyk, Contributing Writer

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I always thought America favored freedom of choice.

Yet Apple doesn't exactly give you much when it releases a new phone.

64GB or 256GB. Black or silver.

Somehow, you're supposed to be grateful that there's a new iPhone at all.

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Now, however, rumors suggest that the next iPhones will not only be cheaper, but also come in a parade of many colors.

Blue, red, and orange are just three of the gorgeous hues Apple may create just for you.

You, because you've become so mired in the supposedly stylish blacks and silvers, might wonder why Apple would suddenly do this.

Is it because orange is secretly Jony Ive's favorite color? Perhaps not entirely. Instead, let's turn to fashion designer John Galliano for the answer.

Surely you've been keeping an eye on Paris Couture 2018. There, the Maison Margiela creative director has been showing off his latest clothing dramas.

Within them is a clue to how you'll be carrying your iPhone in the future.

No more will you have it in your purse. The mere thought of putting it in your pocket will be a source of shame. And, as I recently discovered, a source of lint that will prevent your phone from charging.

Instead, please look at what Galliano prognosticates. Yes, just like your heart, you'll be wearing your iPhone on your sleeve.

(Image: Maisonmargiela/Instagram)

It'll be clipped to your body, which means you'll need to be very sensitive about the clothes you wear.

You may, indeed, have to buy more than one iPhone for different looks.

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It won't, you see, be just your arm to which you can clip your phone.

These boots, for example, were made for walking with your iPhone.

(Image: Iammattking/Instagram)

This is surely only the beginning. Please imagine all the different parts of you to which you could clip your most precious gadget.

Surely, there will soon be a vast ear-clip to which you can attach your new orange iPhone. People will waft toward you and gushingly admire your daring sense of style, which, after all, is why many get an iPhone in the first place.

For the more conservative, there'll be a new take on the pocket square. A clip on the outside of your jacket pocket, there to hold your brightly colored gadget and show it off to the world in a perfectly matched color complement.

The possibilities are surely numerous. The style statements will surely be memorable.

The last time Apple really dabbled in colors was the iPhone 5C. That was just a trial run for this step into the future.

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I can already tell you're wondering where you might clip yours.

I can already see you choosing to clip one to the top of your head and dyeing your hair orange to match your phone.

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