At re:Invent, AWS launches Private Marketplace for the enterprise

Amazon also built up the container offerings in its popular cloud software catalog, and it rolled out new AWS Partner Network designations.
Written by Stephanie Condon, Senior Writer

Amazon Web Services on Tuesday introduced a way for enterprises to create a customized version of AWS Marketplace, the digital software catalog where AWS customers can find third-party software options.

The new AWS Private Marketplace lets IT admins pre-approve software products that meet their company's policies. In addition to ensuring compliance, it should help employees deploy products more quickly.

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More than 200,000 AWS customers consistently shop on the AWS Marketplace, Amazon says, making it the cloud industry's most widely used, curated digital software catalog. With the introduction of private marketplaces, Amazon has demonstrated how it can leverage its vast third-party vendor ecosystem to cater to customers with traditional enterprise considerations like compliance requirements. AWS is delivering its pitch to enterprise customers this week at the re:Invent conference in Las Vegas.

In addition to allowing for customization, AWS is expanding its already-vast marketplace with more container products. There are now 160 trusted container products from independent software vendors including Aqua, CloudBees, Software AG and TIBCO. Customers can deploy them on Amazon Elastic Container Service (Amazon ECS) and Amazon ECS for Kubernetes (Amazon EKS).

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Meanwhile, AWS on Tuesday also launched new designations for the AWS Partner Network (APN). Amazon says customers increasingly rely on APN partners for help migrating and operating AWS. Now, there are specific AWS IoT Service Delivery designations, to identify APN Partners with proven success deploying AWS IoT Core, AWS Analytics and AWS Greengrass.

For silicon vendors and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), AWS introduced the AWS Device Qualification Program (DQP). Previously, to qualify as an APN Partner, OEMs had to physically ship devices to AWS for testing to ensure interoperability with AWS IoT Services like IoT Core or Greengrass. With the DQP, partners can simply download the IoT Device Tester qualification tool to validate and list their qualified hardware devices in the AWS Partner Device Catalog,

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AWS on Tuesday also expanded the AWS Competency Program to include Container Competency for ECS and ECS for Kubernetes designations.

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