C3 launches Integrated Development Studio for speed up AI, machine learning deployments

C3's approach with its development studio is designed to abstract processes across multiple clouds in a low-code environment.
Written by Larry Dignan, Contributor

C3 launched its Integrated Development Studio, a low-code platform to enable developers to build applications for its AI Suite.

The effort is a way to make it easier to deploy enterprise-wide models, machine learning and artificial intelligence across multiple clouds. C3 has been one of the forerunners in industrial Internet of things deployments across utilities and large enterprises.

C3 said its Integrated Development Studio, or IDS, is integrated with its C3 AI Suite. IDS includes data ingestion, data modeling, machine learning engineering, model management and an interface that leverages metadata and drag-and-drop integrations.

According to C3, IDS is designed to speed up building applications over cloud microservices. IDS speeds processes up by abstracting multiple cloud services such as AWS RDS, Amazon S3, AWS Kinesis, Azure Event Hubs, Amazon DynamoDB, Azure IoT Hub, Google BigQuery, Google Cloud ML Engine as well as various developer tools.

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C3 CTO Ed Abbo said IDS enhances the development experience to streamline things like data aggregation. "Building AI applications to accelerate digital transformations requires a number of roles to collaborate and one key element is aggregating data from internal and outside sources," said Abbo.

From there, data scientists can develop models. IDS also has DevOps features to test code and move to productions. "We're bringing those elements together in a unified way," said Abbo.

Like all the C3 software, IDS is subscription. Developers and data scientists subscribe to IDS and then once applications are published there are costs for compute resources to run the applications. Subscriptions scale with the enterprise, said Abbo. 

Separately, C3 rolled out a systems integrator partner program to expand. The first 10 partners include BGP Management Consulting, CGI, Clarity Insights, intelia, Neal Analytics, Ortec, Pariveda Solutions, Solstice, and West Monroe Partners.

These integrators will expand C3's global reach. Consultants at these integrators can get certifications on implementing C3 AI Suite and C3 Applications, including C3 Predictive Maintenance, C3 Anti-Money Laundering, C3 Energy Management, C3 Fraud Detection, C3 Sensor Health, and C3 Inventory Optimization.


IDS ultimately provides an integrated environment that includes the C3 Data Studio, App Studio, ML Studio and DevOps Studio. These applications cover everything from data ingestion through a browser interface to analytics to prebuilt machine learning pipelines and integration and monitoring tools. C3 has been continually updating its platform to support more clouds and data lakes.

Overall, the C3 effort with IDS is well timed as enterprises are using multiple cloud services, expanding industrial use cases and investing heavily in AI and machine learning as well as data science.

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