C3 updates platform to support more DevOps, clouds, data lakes

C3's platform release, version 7.8, is generally available and the company said performance and scalability is improved anywhere from 10x to 100x.
Written by Larry Dignan, Contributor

C3 updated its platform to add a bevy of new features for enterprises, developers and data scientists in addition to improvements to applications such as inventory optimization, predictive maintenance, anti-money laundering and energy management.

The company, which has multiple industrial internet of things deployments in production, has been honing its platform to better scale across industries. Simultaneously, C3 has been developing its platform to support the latest application development trends and integrate with multiple cloud providers including Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure.

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C3's platform release, version 7.8, is generally available and the company said performance and scalability is improved anywhere from 10x to 100x. C3 V7.8 is in production at 20 enterprise customers, according to C3.


In addition, C3 V7.8 adds virtual data lake support and the ability to connect to various data stores including SAP Hana, AWS S3, Azure Blob, Apache HDFS, Apache Hbase, Oracle Database, Postgres, Cassandra, AWS DynamoDB, SQL Server, and MongoDB.

The platform update also includes container improvements with more than 40 multi-cloud services built in. For instance, Azure Event Hub, Azure IoT Hub, Azure Active Directory, Azure SQL Server, Azure Blob, Store, Amazon ECS, and Amazon SQS are supported.

Here's a rundown of platform improvements:

  • An Integrated Development Suite (IDS) that has development tools to meld C3 Data Studio, Applications Studio and AI Study.
  • Security, performance and scalability enhancements.
  • Model management tools for machine learning pipelines and managed notebooks.
  • Polyglot Data Stores and data lake integration without duplicating data.
  • Docker container support.
  • A feature to generate machine learning models humans can understand.
  • Documentation improvements.

On the application front, C3 added the following:

  • A new user experience for C3 Inventory Optimization.
  • Out of box support for anomaly detection for C3 Predictive Maintenance.
  • Integrated transaction monitoring and interpretable machine learning algorithms to cut false positives in C3 Anti-Money Laundering.
  • Integration with third party auditing, support for anomaly detection and performance gains for C3 Energy Management.

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