CES 2020: Dell's future folding, dual screen, and handheld gaming devices

The PC giant has shown off its Concept UFO, Concept Duet, and Concept Ori devices this week in Las Vegas.
Written by Asha Barbaschow, Contributor

Concept UFO, Concept Duet, and Concept Ori devices

Image: Dell Technologies

Dell has used CES in Las Vegas this week to show punters what could be, announcing three concept offerings: the UFO, Duet, and Ori.

"PCs will become more intelligent, self-aware, and user-aware. Form factors may change to enable new usage models; and as technology continues to evolve, so will the ways in which we experience it," the company said in a blog post.

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Concept UFO is Alienware's handheld gaming device.

"Our goal is to create a gaming PC worthy of the Alienware brand, in a handheld form factor that gamers could use to play their favorite AAA PC titles, wherever they are," Dell said.

The company expects the UFO to boast an 8-inch screen with 1900×1200 resolution, use 10th Generation Intel Core processors, as well as have WiFi, Bluetooth, and Thunderbolt connectivity.

The unit includes detachable controllers, but it can also be used as one unit, with controllers attached to the screen. It can also be handled from using a mouse and keyboard to make it like "any other PC".

Concept Duet is a dual screen device with two 13.4-inch displays.

"While it may look like an ordinary notebook, Concept Duet would allow you to take a pen and touch-enabled second screen experience with you wherever you are," Dell said.

Meanwhile, Concept Ori is a foldable device that boasts a 13-inch screen.

"It offers similar experiences and benefits to dual screens, but with the added advantage of no seams," the company said.

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