Facebook, Instagram get more digital wellness controls

Facebook becomes the latest tech player to add controls to manage screen time.
Written by Larry Dignan, Contributor

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Facebook is launching new tools to manage time on Facebook and Instagram in what is becoming a digital wellness parade among tech vendors.

In recent months, tech vendors--notably Apple and Google--have moved to enable limits on screen time. Facebook, which is arguably the biggest time vampire in your life, has been adding features to curb social media addiction.

Facebook's latest moves add to the digital wellness parade. Consider:

Specifically, Facebook and Instagram apps will get an activity dashboard, a daily reminder and a way to limit notifications. In its blog post, the company said it wants time spent on Facebook and Instagram to be "intentional, positive and inspiring." The new controls may also help parents and teens talk more about healthy online habits.

A cynic would say Facebook is covering its arse a bit. That cynic would be right to some degree. However, the new controls can be handy. Facebook is clearly trying to thread a needle between moderation, improving engagement and fending off regulation spurred on by bad press over numerous issues.

The dashboards, which will roll out shortly, include "Your activity" on Instagram and "Your Time on Facebook" on the core social network. That time spent on app will give you average time spent as well as controls to limit time spent. You will also be able to mute notifications.


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