Four must-have travel essentials

It’s easy to think that all you need to carry with you these days is a smartphone and you’re ready for anything. But some extended periods away from my desk have discovered four things that are ‘must-haves’ for the traveller.

I know that we all like to travel light, but sometimes it is possible to travel too light and get to a point where things become frustrating, which is the last thing you want to happen when traveling (especially for fun).

Here are three items I consider to be travel essentials, items that will make your life easier and help reduce stress.

A good charger 

Get a good charger with USB-A and, if you use it, USB-C outlets. Don't rely on being able to find charge points, so bring your own! My travel companion is the Anker PowerPort II, a 49W charger with both ports and is a very capable charger.

Good quality charge cables

I like to have a selection of Amazon Basics cables — the red braided cables are my favorites as they are robust and the color makes them easy to keep track of so I don't lose them or leave them behind. I prefer short cables because the longer ones are heavier and get into a tangle easier.

Small extension cable

Sometimes power outlets are located in an awkward place that don't allow you to use larger charger bricks, such as the one that comes with the MacBook Pro. I find that having a small 1-foot long extension cable (you can buy them, but I made mine) solves this problem.

Portable mobile hotspot

While it's possible to use your smartphone as a hotspot, I really like to have a dedicated device, especially if I need to connect multiple devices to the internet. I like devices such as the Skyroam Solis X, or, my current device of choice is the Netgear AirCard 810 (with external antenna for times when coverage is really poor). Both have excellent battery life and features that make sharing your internet connection a snap!

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