Must-have productivity apps and accessories for the iPad Pro

Here's are a selection of apps that will help you transform your iPad Pro from a tablet into a portable workstation.
Written by Adrian Kingsley-Hughes, Senior Contributing Editor

If you own an iPad Pro then you already have a solid platform for getting work done. The large display, powerful processor, and USB-C port give it a shot at becoming a true replacement for a laptop. But by adding some apps and accessories, you can truly build for yourself a powerful, functional, and versatile device.

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Best iPad Pro apps

Pixelmator Photo

A powerful photo editor that can compete directly with powerhouse apps like Lightroom. This app comes with a whole range of features to allow you to repair, touch up, and enhance your photos.


This password manager integrates so well with iOS and iPadOS that it feels like part of the operating system. Not only does this app keep your passwords safe, but it also makes accessing them across your devices quick and convenient.

Astropad Studio

Transform your iPad Pro into a graphics tablet for your Mac. This app offers lag-free wireless connectivity and a whole raft of shortcuts and gestures.


Super-powerful and packed with professional features, Coda is the perfect app for coders working with HTML, Java, Perl, and much more. It even features a built-in FTP client, dual file manager, terminal, and supports Amazon S3, DreamObjects, and WebDAV protocols.

FE File Explorer Pro

Make files that aren't on your iPad Pro feel like they are with this file manager that supports access to PCs and Macs, networked drives, a huge range of cloud services, and flash drives mounted using iPadOS 13.

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Best iPad Pro accessories

Apple Pencil

In my mind a must-have accessory for the iPad Pro. Not only does it make navigating through the operating system and apps a snap, but it also opens up so many possibilities in terms of drawing, pen input, and using the iPad Pro as a graphics tablet.

Logitech Slim Folio Pro Keyboard

Not only adds a decent physical keyboard – complete with backlit keys – but also some much-needed protection to the precious iPad Pro. It also features a little pocket for keeping your Apple Pencil safe.

Anker PowerPort Atom III

A tiny dual-port USB-C and USB-A charger built around super-efficient gallium nitride (GaN) semiconductors. Compatible with virtually any device, from iPhone to Samsung to USB-C laptops and more.

Satechi Aluminum USB-C Hub

The perfect hub for transforming that single USB-C port on the iPad Pro into six ports (3.5mm Audio Jack, USB-A, SD, Micro SD, USB-C, HDMI). Use the hub and charge iPad Pro at the same time.

Anker Thunderbolt 3.0 Cable (USB-C to USB-C) Supports 100W Charging

A single USB-C cable for all applications, from charging smartphones to charging the MacBook Pro at full speed. Tough and well-built, this cable should last a lifetime (or until it becomes obsolete. And if it does break, it's backed by Anker's 18-month warranty.

RAVPower AC Outlet Portable Charger RAVPower 27000mAh Power Bank 85W (100W Max)

A 27000mAh power bank that features both a Type-C and two Type-a USB ports, and a 3-prong AC output with a power supply on/off switch indicator for devices up to 70W. This is the perfect power bank for travel and for those who spend a lot of time away from an AC outlet.

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Got any must-have apps of accessories that I've left off the list? Let me know in the comments!

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