Gasp! The Galaxy S10 has no iPhone-style notch

An ad accidentally aired in Norway reveals Samsung has a different solution for its new phone's screen.
Written by Chris Matyszczyk, Contributing Writer

Ugly? Or a new standard of beauty?

Screenshot by ZDNet

It seemed inevitable that every Android manufacturer would copy the iPhone X's notch.

Once deemed blindingly ugly, it suddenly became the normal way to house front-facing camera sensors.

Even if Apple itself desperately tried to hide it. So much so that one customer sued Apple for hiding it in its ads.

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But will the Samsung Galaxy S10 follow suit?

It seems not. For some possibly clumsy reason, a Galaxy S10 ad leaked last night onto Norwegian TV.

It begins just as you might expect with words like "new" and "generation."

Then, as the screen comes into focus, what's that pimple? At the top right of the phone's screen is a pinhole thing.

Oh, I'm not sure how people will feel about this.

Yes, it's different from the iPhone X-series notch. Could it, though, be a new standard for ugly?

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Then again, the S10 looks like its pinhole will be rounded, while the S10+ will have a more oblong affair. Might such aesthetics influence people's choices?

The rest of the ad reveals -- as if there any secrets about this phone anymore -- a fingerprint sensor integrated into the display. 

The S10 itself will be able to charge other phones -- as well as Samsung's version of the AirPods -- which is a remarkably public-spirited gesture.

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Still, that thing in the top right-hand corner. Are you sure you can live with that? Or are you just dying to get Samsung's foldable phone?

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