GE introduces containerized power and UPS

GE shows off primary and backup power in a box for rapid, power-optimized datacenter deployment.
Written by David Chernicoff, Contributor on

With modular and containerized datacenters coming center stage in the datacenter development market, GE’s Critical Power Services was looking for a way to capitalize on their existing equipment and technologies. Best known in the datacenter space for being a major proponent of DC power for datacenter operations, they already offer a full line of power and UPS equipment to datacenter buyers.

With this in mind they’ve introduced the GE PowerMOD modular power container. The container is designed to house the full range of power delivery and protection products, from switchboards and transformers to the UPS system. The standard designs available support from 200 kW to 1.5MW.

GEmod out
Source: GE Critical Power


While talking about the power efficiency of their various power delivery and UPS products as part of the pitch for the containerized system, GE is really focused on the speed of delivery of a fully configured power module when compared to a traditional datacenter power installation. With the PowerMOD they believe they can have it deployed in four to five months from the point of order as compared to the two year schedule for a traditional installation.

Customers will also see an almost 25 percent reduction in the capital costs when comparing equivalent PowerMOD configurations to traditional installations. They will also see significant savings with a fully configured power and UPS system which come standard with a free-cooling economizer — though direct expansion, chilled water, and evaporative cooling is available at the customers discretion.

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