GE launches AiRXOS to focus on unmanned vehicle management systems

Unmanned vehicles--in air and ground--are going to present a management issue. GE plans to build those systems via a subsidiary.
Written by Larry Dignan, Contributor

Autonomous drones and vehicles will ultimately need traffic management systems and GE smells an opportunity.

GE launched a company called AiRXOS to focus on traffic management for unmanned aircraft systems. AiRXOS, set up as a subsidiary of GE, will create systems for government agencies, aviation authorities and the private sector to manage drones. The company will feature infrastructure, software and hardware and services.


Autonomous vehicles and drones are likely to become an air space issue. GE has already won enough deals to manage and control unmanned aircraft vehicles (UAVs) to create a company. AiRXOS has been selected to develop UAV operations, automation and infrastructure.

The launch of AiRXOS highlights how the transportation system is being revamped by the Internet of things, robotics and technology. In recent months, ZDNet has zoomed in on transportation technology as well as the sensored enterprise in special reports.

AiRXOS will work with states such as Ohio, New York and cities like San Diego to work on UAV management systems. Projects for AiRXOS will include the unmanned aircraft systems integration pilot program with the Department of Transportation, DriveOhio for autonomous vehicles and various research efforts.

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