Google and Levi plan smart jacket launch with Maps, Spotify integration

You better get used to wearables: The jacket is machine washable -- as long as you take out the sensor.
Written by Jake Smith, Contributor
Sean Hollister/CNET

Google and Levi Strauss announced a commuter smart jacket that will enable wearers to answer phone calls, control maps, music, and more, right from the connected jacket's sleeve.

The announcement was made at Google I/O on Friday, where Levi said the jacket will be available in spring 2017, with a beta version planned for fall 2016.

It's not clear how much the commuter smart jacket will cost, but it will be geared toward cyclists with gesture, tap, and swipe functionality.

Google's Advanced Technology and Projects (ATAP) division partnered with Levi to utilize its Project Jacquard technology announced last year, centered around connected textiles and clothing. Google says it plans to partner with more clothing companies, as athletic clothing could have a big appeal.

CNET: Google and Levi's team up for commuter smart jacket

A demo video of the connected jacket shown on Friday demoed a bike rider controlling calls from his sleeve while biking through town.

A Jacquard sensor within the sleeve's cuff enables the connectivity, with haptic feedback and LED -- charged through USB. It's also machine washable, as long as you take out the sensor.

Past Google Maps and Google Play function, the duo announced Spotify and Strava have partnered for the Jacquard platform.

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