Google Cloud expands its global cloud regions

Google Cloud has been building out its hybrid, industry and vertical game throughout 2020 as it adds cloud regions.

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Google Cloud said it is launching new cloud regions in Chile, Germany and Saudi Arabia as its expands its global footprint.

For hyperscale cloud providers, adding regions is becoming critical as countries roll out data sovereignty laws that require customer data to remain in country. Google Cloud has been building out its hybrid, industry and vertical game throughout 2020.

The three new cloud regions come as Google Cloud has already expanded. In 2020, Google Cloud launched new regions in Jakarta, Indonesia, Las Vegas, Salt Lake City and Seoul. Doha, Qatar, Madrid, Milan and Paris are also on tap.

According to Google Cloud's post on the expansion, each country has its unique characteristics. For instance, Germany expansion will complement an existing data center in Frankfurt. Google promises to expand its data centers, not its carbon footprint

In Saudi Arabia, Google Cloud will deploy a cloud region in Saudi Arabia while a local reseller backed by Aramco will offer cloud services. Also: Middle East tech: Nine proven ways to unlock the region's startup scene

Here's a look at Google Cloud's regions. 


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