Google Cloud lands Univision digital transformation pact

Google Cloud will be used across Univision's portfolio with the goal of bringing more targeted media and recommendations to customers.
Written by Larry Dignan, Contributor

Google Cloud said Univision has signed a multi-year contract for artificial intelligence, machine learning and cloud services.

Univision will also collaborate with other Google products such as YouTube, Android and the company's advertising and search tools.

Media is a key vertical for Google Cloud and the strategic partnership with the Spanish-language media company highlights a few themes. First, Google Cloud is doing well by targeting core industries such as media, financial services and retail. The company has beefed up its sales operations to target industries. In addition, Google Cloud's spin is to bring in customers that can also utilize search marketing partnerships.

The companies didn't detail what specific cloud services are being used, but Google Cloud will be used across Univision's portfolio. Univision will use Google Cloud to consolidate its multiple digital distribution platforms, create a new customer data warehouse and migrate enterprise applications to the cloud. From there, Univision will use Google Cloud's AI and machine learning tools across its content library.

Once Google Cloud's AI and machine learning platforms are scaled, Univision will delve into data driven advertising and analytics.

Univision CEO Wade Davis said Google's platform will be used to "transform our infrastructure and to bring our customers an enhanced media experience."  

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