Google says Android will natively support foldable devices

Android device makers, led by Samsung, are expected to start releasing foldable phones next year. Google aims to support the new form factors in Android.
Written by Larry Dignan, Contributor

Google said it is optimizing Android for foldable phones, as Samsung preps a device and other device makers follow.

For Google, offering native support for foldable phones is critical. Otherwise, Android developers branch off and create disjointed experiences.

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At the company's Android Dev Summit, Google noted that Android will have support for screens that bend and fold. The company said:

"Expect to see foldables coming from several Android manufacturers, including one Samsung previewed today and plans to offer next year."

In addition, Google outlined updates to Kotlin, which is a fast growing programming language. New additions to Kotlin such as multiplatform code will be supported via Kotlin-specific APIs.

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Other updates from Google include:

  • Android Studio 3.3 launched beta 3. Android Studio is the official developer environment for Android.
  • Android App Bundle launched to provide a new publishing format that can lower the size of apps.
  • In-app Updates API launched to prod users to update versions of their apps.

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