Google updates CallJoy phone agent with customizable AI features

CallJoy's new Call Actions feature lets small business owners customize how the agent will respond to callers' requests for help.
Written by Natalie Gagliordi, Contributor

Google is updating its CallJoy phone agent with new intelligent features designed to make the system more automated and customizable for small businesses. Released in beta earlier this year, CallJoy is a cloud-based phone agent and spam blocker that aims to help SMBs measure, automate and improve customer service.

In this latest update, CallJoy's virtual agent is now front and center via the new Call Actions feature, which lets business owners customize how their CallJoy agent will respond to callers' requests for help. 

For instance, the business owner can enter a set of common phrases and requests they receive from customers, and also define what actions the agent will take when those phrases are used. 

Google said the more information a small business owner gives to the agent, the smarter and more responsive CallJoy becomes. 

Developed as part of Area 120, CallJoy rolls existing Google technologies -- such as Google Voice, the AI assistant Duplex and Call Screen -- into one product, for $39 per month. Upon setup, businesses are provided a local phone number, with CallJoy automatically blocking unwanted spam calls. 

From there, when an actual customer calls the number, the CallJoy agent will answer and greet the caller with a custom message and provide basic business information. The agent will also direct the caller to a website if their request can be handled online -- for instance, if they want to book an appointment or place an order -- by sending an SMS text message containing a URL.

Another key aspect of CallJoy is the way it gathers and compiles data for the business owner. Whether the caller speaks with a live person or just interacts with the virtual agent, the call is recorded and transcribed and the data compiled into an online dashboard. The metrics are also emailed to the business owner, providing data points such as peak call times, call volume and new versus returning callers. 

CallJoy is compatible with most phone service providers, whether a traditional landline, mobile phone, Google Voice or other cloud provider. 


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