Google VR to build its own headset, announces Unreal and Unity support

Google announced it is building its own headset and controller for the new Daydream platform, while developers can start building their own content.
Written by Stephanie Condon, Senior Writer

When Google unveiled its mobile virtual reality platform Daydream on Wednesday, it named several smartphone manufacturers that are building "Daydream ready" phones, but it didn't say who would build the VR headsets. On Thursday, the VR team clarified that Google is building a headset itself.

"With Daydream, we've... created a reference design for a comfortable headset and an intuitive controller," Daydream product manager Nathan Martz wrote in a blog post. "And, yes we're building one too."

Martz shared this video to demonstrate how the controller lets a user interact with the Daydream platform:

Google also announced that developers can start building for Daydream with its Google VR SDK, whihc includes a C++ NDK. Additionally, both Unity and Unreal game engines will natively support Daydream.

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