Google will hold its next 'Made by Google' event on October 15

The Pixel 4 will finally get a proper unveiling.
Written by Jason Cipriani, Contributing Writer
Google, Inc.

Google just sent out invites for its next Made by Google event on Oct. 15 in New York City. The tagline of the event states "Come see a few new things Made By Google."

We've expected Google would hold an event in October, as it's done the past few years, when it announces the next version of its Pixel phone, along with new hardware like the Pixel Slate or Home smart speakers. Maybe this year we'll get a new Pixelbook? 

This year, Google will announce the Pixel 4 -- one of the worst-kept smartphone secrets in recent memory. Google has preempted leaks by revealing details via official channels. Here's what the Pixel 4 looks like, straight from Google's Twitter account. 

The new Pixel 4 will have a new camera array that looks similar to the iPhone 11, as well as face unlock sensors and a new motion-sensing technology that you can use to control the phone just by waving your hand. 

Google will live-stream the event on YouTube starting at 10am PT. 

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