Honeywell, SAP combine on real estate analytics platform

The two companies are aiming to combine operational data, smart data and financial metrics in one dashboard for building operators.
Written by Larry Dignan, Contributor

Honeywell and SAP are launching an analytics platform for real estate to combine financial and operational data and optimize building management.

The partnership is a key milestone for Honeywell, which is transitioning to be a technology provider for everything from quantum computing to the Internet of things.

Under the partnership, Honeywell Forge and SAP Cloud for Real Estate will be integrated to provide a unified dashboard for metrics covering sustainability as well as building utilization. Typically, building owners have to pull data from multiple sources. The platform, called Honeywell Forge Real Estate Operations, is built on SAP Cloud and an "SAP-Endorsed Business Application." The joint effort combines operational data such as HVAC maintenance, security services, and lighting with business data including utilization, leasing, and maintenance.


According to the companies, Honeywell Forge will provide AI autonomous control capabilities to adjust maintenance, comfort, and sustainability.

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Meanwhile, the Honeywell-SAP partnership also lands as economies are reopening and select workers return to offices. Remote work has gained traction in the COVID-19 pandemic and many enterprises plan on a hybrid on-premises-remote approach. Companies are already looking to cut commercial real estate expenses and will be closely monitoring key performance indicators.

The dashboard from Honeywell and SAP will include:

  • Predefined dashboards with information technology and operational technology KPIs.
  • Monitoring and reduction of annual energy spend based on goals such as reduced carbon footprint, energy efficiency, and maintenance hours.
  • A data architecture that melds Honeywell's building data with SAP's financial information.
  • Human comfort KPIs and experience KPIs.  

Que Dallara, CEO of Honeywell Connected Enterprise, said the SAP partnership on real estate is the first volley in additional verticals to be rolled out. She added that it's likely other systems and data will be connected to the platform over time. 

Here are some screenshots:


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