Honeywell builds out building IoT applications, cybersecurity tools

Honeywell's most recent move adds to its smart buildings software and aims to meld operations and information technologies.
Written by Larry Dignan, Contributor

Honeywell is adding to its Forge for Buildings Internet of things platform by layering on more automation, visualization and cybersecurity tools.

The company launched Forge, its industrial IoT platform, in June with plans to target airlines, industrials and buildings. Honeywell's most recent move adds to its smart buildings software and aims to meld operations and information technologies. All of Honeywell's suite updates integrate with Forge. Honeywell has been pivoting to focus more on software and analytics. 

Specifically, Honeywell rolled out the next generation of its Enterprise Building Integration (EBI), Command and Control Suite (CCS) and Digital Video Manager (DVM) suites. The new suites are joined by new cybersecurity tools to thwart attacks on data, networks and buildings.

Updates include:

  • EBI R600 will integrate with third party systems, equipment, cloud and mobile applications. The IoT platform is designed to manage building functions including everything from safety to comfort to security systems.
  • DVM R700 was upgraded with improved camera servers to more efficiently use storage and save on hardware costs.
  • CCS R300 added a new facility visualization interface with new map navigation and editing tools to analyze building data.

As for the cybersecurity additions, Honeywell outlined its Honeywell Forge Cybersecurity tools with assessments to analyze operations technology systems, software to secure and configure infrastructure, appliances, monitoring and remote management applications and incident response processes.   

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