Honeywell, Verizon partner on integrating LTE, smart meters, lay groundwork for 5G

The Verizon and Honeywell partnership brings managed LTE connectivity to smart meters in a bid to speed up deployments. The two companies will also explore 5G in industrial settings.
Written by Larry Dignan, Contributor

Honeywell and Verizon are teaming up to integrate LTE connectivity into next-generation smart meters to speed up smart-grid deployments.

The telecom giant is increasingly forging edge computing and Internet of things partnerships with the likes of AWS and others.

Under the Honeywell partnership, Verizon will integrate its Managed Connectivity LTE tools into the smart meters that are used by electric, gas and water utilities. Honeywell's Smart Energy software and hardware stack will also be integrated.

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Honeywell has been ramping up its software strategy to manage smart buildings, utilities and other Internet of things devices. Combined with its equipment, Honeywell is aiming to be a big player in the industrial Internet of things. Honeywell's IoT platform is called Forge.

The Verizon-Honeywell partnership today revolves around LTE connectivity, but the two companies in a statement said they will investigate how 5G could be used to bring more automation, machine learning, and analytics to industrial settings.

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