HP builds 3D printer partner network, Stratasys does eyewear, Carbon focuses on materials costs

A trio of 3D printing manufacturers are making moves that boost adoption for additive manufacturing systems.
Written by Larry Dignan, Contributor

Big manufacturing firms embrace 3D printing

HP lined up more partners for its 3D printing efforts, Stratasys launched systems for eyewear frame prototyping, and Carbon outlined a materials program for large manufacturers.

As for HP, the company outlined a set of European customers at the TCT Show 2017. In addition, Henkel will become the first global reseller of HP JetFusion 3D printers. HP said it has 30 resellers and partners in Europe.

New HP customers included Danfoss Group, ETH Zurich, Jaguar-Land Rover, KTM, and The Manufacturing Technology Center. HP also outlined more than 25 HP 3D Printing Reference and Experience Centers throughout Europe.

Stratasys launched its VeroFlex Rapid Prototyping Eyewear Solution that aims to cut 15 months out of an 18 month design to store shelf process for eyewear.

With 3D printing, eyewear manufacturers can churn out more prototypes and test to see what works. The Stratasys system includes its J750 Multi-color, Multi-material 3D Printer with VeroFlex, a printing material formulated for eyewear. VeroFlex can handle drop-tests, lens mounting, stress testing, and wearability tests.

Carbon, a 3D printing startup, said it will offer some of its 3D printing polymer resigns in bulk packaging with an aim of cutting prices 40 percent. Carbon's first material with bulk packaging will be rigid polyurethane 70 for $150/liter, down from $250/liter.

According to Carbon, prices for that material will fall to $100/liter over the next year.

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