HPE builds out GreenLake platform, launches Ezmeral software

HPE built out its GreenLake as-a-service platform with a bevy of new cloud services.
Written by Larry Dignan, Contributor

Hewlett Packard Enterprise rounded out its GreenLake as-a-service platform with a bevy of new services and launched the Ezmeral brand to hold its software portfolio. 

At its Discover digital event, HPE launched new services, container support and a portfolio for deploying artificial intelligence and machine learning.

HPE GreenLake is the company's primary platform for turning its HPE into an everything-as-a-service company.

HPE CTO Kumar Sreekanti said the company "has a significant amount of assets" built organically and acquired through purchases such as MapR. The Ezmeral software portfolio is transformational and designed to give customers an end-to-end experience across hardware and software. 

On a media briefing, HPE chief executive Antonio Neri addressed the company's return to software following the $8.8 billion spin-merge of its software portfolio with Micro Focus in 2017. 

"We made the decision to spin the software business at the time because we felt there was not a cohesive strategy to begin with, and the portfolio was not architected for the cloud reality," Neri said. "The spin off freed us up to think harder on these new ways to deploy software. What we have now is an integrated strategy and we do it in a true open-source oriented approach." 

HPE Ezmeral runs and controls applications and data. HPE Ezmeral powers HPE GreenLake cloud services such as machine learning operations and containerization.


The revamped HPE GreenLake portfolio includes:

  • Next-gen cloud services for machine learning operations, containers, virtual machines, storage, compute and networking. The services are available in the HPE GreenLake Central hub for multi-cloud deployments.
  • Small, medium and large configurations for HPE GreenLake cloud services via pre-integrated reference architectures and building blocks.
  • Cloud services for Machine Learning Operations. HPE GreenLake customers can subscribe to workload-specific services on HPE Ezmeral Container Platform and HPE Ezmeral ML Ops.
  • Cloud services for Containers based on the HPE Ezmeral Container Platform.
  • Virtual machine, storage and compute services for private clouds and across AWS and Microsoft Azure.
  • Cloud services for data protection including automated data backup and recovery for multiple service level agreements.
  • Intelligent edge services via Aruba Managed Connectivity Services, a network as a service for edge deployments.

As for availability HPE GreenLake services for virtual machines, compute, storage, data protection and intelligent edge are now available. Services for ML Ops are in beta with general availability in HPE's fiscal fourth quarter. HPE Ezmeral ML Ops and Ezmeral Container Platform available as a software license subscription.  

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