HPE launches container platform, aims to be 100% open source Kubernetes

HPE Container Platform aims to differentiate itself by staying pure open-source Kubernetes and address container sprawl with its BlueData software.
Written by Larry Dignan, Contributor

Hewlett Packard Enterprise launched its HPE Container Platform, a Kubernetes container system designed to run both cloud and on-premises applications.

On the surface, HPE Container Platform will face an uphill climb as all the top cloud providers have Kubernetes management tools and instances and IBM with Red Hat has a big foothold for hybrid cloud deployments and the container management that goes with it.

HPE, which recently outlined a plan to make everything a service, is betting that the HPE Container Platform can differentiate itself based on two themes. First, HPE is pledging that its container platform will be 100% open-source Kubernetes compared to other systems that have altered Kubernetes. In addition, HPE Container Platform will be able to run across multiple environments and provide one management layer.

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Kumar Sreekanti, CTO at HPE, said the HPE Container Platform will aim to "get near data" to enable deployments and lower costs. One control plane on the platform will enable enterprises to manage their container footprint in one place. "With BlueData, customers won't be managing five different clusters," he said. "We will have one central point and 100% open-source Kubernetes that is curated and at the top of the trunk."

The HPE Container Platform is built on the acquisitions of BlueData and MapR.


HPE is betting that it can also address container sprawl as well as lower costs by working across public cloud and non-cloud applications. The platform also enables customers to prioritize apps and choose components that can run on bare metal.


Key points:

  • The HPE Container Platform uses BlueData software as the control plane for container management.
  • MapR is the distributed file system and object store for containers and Kubernetes is for container orchestration.
  • Features to modernize non-cloud native apps, retool them and deploy anywhere.
  • HPE Container Platform has tools for faster code releases.
  • The platform will be available in early 2020 and offered with services and consulting.
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