IBM and Apple partnership brings 10 more iOS enterprise apps

The newest apps offer something for those in the field, business travelers and mortgage professionals, with two of them gaining support for the Apple Watch.
Written by Kevin Tofel, Contributor

The somewhat surprising partnership between IBM and Apple continues to yield new business apps, which now total 32. On Tuesday, 9to5 Mac noted that 10 additional enterprise titles for iPads, iPhones and the Apple Watch are now available through the MobileFirst for iOS program.

Credit: Apple

Last time, in April, healthcare was a big focus for the newest apps; half of the then-new titles were meant for hospitals, doctors and nurses. This time around, the apps are for the mortgage industry, business travelers and workers in the field. Here's the list of the latest new apps:

  • Shift Track for Managers (iPad)
  • Shift Sync for Employees (iPhone, Apple Watch)
  • Travel Plan for Business Travelers (iPhone)
  • Travel Track for Business Travelers (iPhone, Apple Watch)
  • Loan Advise for Mortgage Officers (iPad)
  • Loan Track for Mortgage Officers (iPhone)
  • Expert Resolve for Field Service Professionals (iPad)
  • Asset Inspect for Field Technicians (iPhone)
  • Field Inspect for Government Inspectors (iPad)
  • Safe Site for Forepersons (iPhone)

Two of the 10 new apps are supported on the Apple Watch, which is interesting giving the timing of an earlier story this week regarding how developers are waiting to see how well Apple's wearable device is selling.

I contend, however, that's not quite the right perspective when it comes to Apple Watch apps; instead, developers are wisely deciding if and how their apps will actually work effectively on the wrist as not all of them will.

I'm not at all surprised that Facebook hasn't put its news feed on the watch, for example; the engagement level is far too high for a small, wearable screen.

Credit: Apple

In contrast, the new travel and staff scheduling apps from IBM make far more sense because they provide highly useful information at a quick glance.

Apple's quarterly earnings report and investor call takes place later today.

While we won't hear how many Apple Watches have been sold, I do expect to hear a status update on the company's iOS partnership with IBM. The new enterprise apps, in tandem with a possible iPad Pro launch later this year, could help accelerate iPad sales for Apple.

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