IBM updates Cloud Pak for Security with new data security hub

IBM said Cloud Pak's new integrated data security hub will bring data security insights directly into threat management and security response platforms
Written by Natalie Gagliordi, Contributor

IBM is announcing a bevy of updates to Cloud Pak for Security, its platform for tackling cybersecurity threats across multicloud and hybrid environments. 

Launched last year as the foundation of IBM's open security strategy, Cloud Pak for Security is designed to glean threat information and insights from various sources without having to move data. The system leverages IBM's investment in Red Hat, including Open Shift, and is designed specifically to unify security across hybrid cloud environments.

Over the last year IBM has expanded the capabilities within Cloud Pak for Security to address some of the key components of threat management -- such as detection, investigation and response -- using AI and automated workflows.  

IBM is now rolling out new capabilities that aim to extend the platform even further, including a new integrated data security hub that promises to bring data security insights directly into threat management and security response platforms. IBM posits that data security has historically been siloed from threat management, focused on policy and compliance rather than integrated into threat detection and response.

With integrated data security, IBM said it can connect these previously siloed functions and offer security and response teams greater visibility into data-level security.

In addition to the data security hub, IBM is also announcing pre-built connectors for five third-party threat intelligence feeds, and dedicated service offerings that aim to help Cloud Pak customers get up and running on the the platform.

"With these updates, Cloud Pak for Security will include 1 access to six threat intelligence feeds, 25 pre-built connections to IBM and third-party data sources, and 165 case management integrations which are connected through advanced AI to prioritize threats, and automation playbooks to streamline response actions for security teams," IBM said in a press release. "With the new capabilities, Cloud Pak for Security has become the first platform in the industry to connect data-level insights and user behavior analytics with threat detection, investigation and response."

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