Indeed launches new hiring platform for faster recruiting

The Indeed Hiring Platform allows employers to manage hiring without any other software, while automating administrative steps reviewing resumes.
Written by Stephanie Condon, Senior Writer

Indeed on Tuesday is launching the Indeed Hiring Platform, a new tool to help employers recruit and hire employees completely with Indeed tools. The new platform also promises to speed up the hiring process by automating administrative steps like reviewing resumes and scheduling interviews. 

The Covid-19 pandemic has already upended labor and hiring trends in the US. Indeed responded last year by launching Indeed Interview, a video interviewing tool that could facilitate remote hiring. 

Now that parts of the economy may soon reopen safely -- and certain industries like hospitality and retail could ramp up hiring -- Indeed is responding again with the Hiring Platform. It combines Indeed Interview's video component with job sourcing and candidate screening to create a holistic platform. 

"When you have to rapidly grow or rebuild your workforce, the traditional approaches for sourcing candidates, reviewing resumes, and manually scheduling interviews feel painfully slow," Indeed SVP  Maggie Hulce said in a statement. "It's a better experience for both the job seeker and employer if you automate the steps that lead to the interview so the human connections needed to make hires happen faster."

The platform lets employers set objective screening criteria for a job, and applicants that meet the qualifications can immediately sign up for an interview. Ahead of and following the interview, the platform lets hiring managers review resumes and rate candidates. 

Since the platform taps into the combined networks of Indeed and its sister company Glassdoor, Indeed says that employers using the platform can reach 80 percent of US job seekers. 

While that's a large network, Indeed is competing with other recruiting platforms that have in recent years built their own sophisticated hiring tools like LinkedIn and ZipRecruiter.

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