Intel puts Optane memory and NAND storage together on H10 SSD

Due to appear in May, the 3D XPoint and storage combo is aimed at the thin laptop market.
Written by Chris Duckett, Contributor

Intel has announced a new member of its Optane series, the H10, which adds some of the company's 3D NAND storage beside its Optane 3D XPoint memory on a single M.2 drive.

Initially, the H10 will be offered in three combinations: A 16GB Optane chip with 256GB storage; 32GB of 3D XPoint and 512GB of storage; and 32GB of Optane with 1TB of storage.

Aimed at the light and thin laptop market, Intel said it expects the largest two combinations to have the highest volume, and will target them at laptops over the $1,000 mark.

The H10 will initially be available in 8th-generation Core U-based laptops in the United States through Best Buy in May, produced by the likes of Dell, HPI, and Asus.

No pricing details were provided by Intel.

Thanks to the use of Optane as a hot cache, the chip giant claims the H10 is able to boost the opening of documents by 2 times, launch games 60% faster, and open large media files 90% faster when compared to other SSDs, but only when a machine is multitasking.

In May last year, Intel took the wraps off of its new top Optane performer -- the 905P. Available in either U.2 or HHHL configurations, the 480GB U.2 version was $600 at launch, while the 960GB half-height version was $1,200.

That same month, the company also unveiled its first set of Optane DIMMs for Xeon Scalable chips.

(Image: Intel)

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