iOS 13.2.2 causes battery havoc

iOS 13.2.2 might fix the bug that broke multitasking on the iPhone and iPad, but it appears to introduce a new bug that severely limits productivity when on the move.
Written by Adrian Kingsley-Hughes, Contributing Writer
iOS 13.2.2 causes battery havoc

iOS 13.2.2 causes battery havoc

Another day, another iOS bug. Apple's iOS 13.2.2 update, which was pushed out to fix a bug that essentially broke multitasking on the iPhone and iPad, has itself bought a new and annoying bug to the iPhone.

A few hours after installing iOS 13.2.2, I noticed that battery life had gone from good to appalling. Rather than jump to conclusions, I decided to wait until my devices had gone through a few recharge cycles before calling this an issue.

It appears to be an issue.

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Bottom line, battery life has gone from great to terrible. The initial iOS 13 release wasn't too bad, but the iOS 13.1.2 release had a serious battery bug. While this bug was subsequently fixed, this latest release seems to bring back this bug. Battery life is now so bad that I can watch my battery life ticking down while I'm browsing the web, composing an email, or using Twitter.

Interestingly, background battery life -- when the device is locked and not being used -- is not too bad. Also, while not as bad, iPadOS 13.2.2 battery life is also much worse than post iPadOS 13.1.2 releases.

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The problem doesn't seem to be down to specific apps, but instead seems to be a widespread operating system problem.

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I've tested iOS 13.2.2 on multiple devices, with similar results.

Social media is also awash with similar complaints:

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