iOS 13.2.3: Does this fix the battery drain bug?

The short answer -- and one that you might not be hoping for -- is "maybe."
Written by Adrian Kingsley-Hughes, Senior Contributing Editor

The other day Apple released iOS 13.2.3, an update that amongst other things, addressed bugs in Mail, Files, Notes, and Messages. But what the release notes didn't mention was the battery drain bug that seemed to have made into the iOS 13.2.2 release (which was pushed out to patch a serious multitasking bug).

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So, does iOS 13.2.3 fix the battery drain bug?


My testing seems to suggest that iPhones do seem to exhibit better battery life, although I'd still say that battery life is not as good as it was pre the 13.2.2 release.

Also, Apple's support forums seem to be quiet with regards to any battery issues related to iOS 13.2.3 (although it's still early days).

However, a search of social media seems to suggest that for some users the problem may be as bad as ever.

So, my advice would be to take the gamble and install iOS 13.2.3. It seems to have worked for me on my daily driver and test devices, so it might work for you. What have you got to lose (unless there's a new bug in there somewhere ready to bite us!)?

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