iOS 13.3: Will you regret installing it?

iOS 13 had a rocky start, comedically going from one stumble to another. But does iOS 13.3 -- likely Apple's last release for 2019 -- finally redeem itself?
Written by Adrian Kingsley-Hughes, Senior Contributing Editor

iOS 13 has been a pretty embarrassing release for Apple, going from one buggy release to another. And some of the bugs were huge showstoppers that massively impacted the ability to do work on the platform.

Apple itself knew how bad iOS 13 was, and has put plans in place to improve future releases.

But the end of the year is now in sight, and Apple has released iOS 13.3, likely the last iOS/iPadOS release of 2019.

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Bottom line, it's not bad at all.

From a performance and battery life point of view, iOS 13.3 appears to be pretty good.

I've been testing the iOS 13.3 since its release on Dec. 10, and there don't seem to be any ugly surprises awaiting upgraders on either the iPhone or iPad. If you've missed the last few updates (after all, there have been a lot lately, and it's been a job to keep up at times), then you'll likely see an improvement in both.

From a features point of view, iOS 13.3 rolls out several neat features, from improved Screen Time parental controls that allow parents to set limits on who and when their children can call, text, or FaceTime, to native support for FIDO-compliant security keys, like the YubiKey.

iOS 13.3 also contains the usual raft of bug fixes and security patches. That sort of good stuff.

Overall, a solid set of new features for an x.3 release.

So, give your iPhone or iPad a gift this holiday season and install iOS/iPadOS 13.3.

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