iPhone users hit with iOS iMessage emoji bug

Another day, another annoying iOS bug for users to contend with. This latest one causes your iMessage app to crash.
Written by Adrian Kingsley-Hughes, Senior Contributing Editor

iOS users, brace yourself for yet another bug that pranksters and other ne'er-do-wells can use to crash your iPhone and make life miserable.

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This latest bug involves sending a text string containing the black dot emoji to the victim (don't do it, don't be that person). When received it causes the recipients iMessage app to crash.

The bug was first reported by YouTuber EverythingApplePro.

ZDNet has confirmed this bug on devices running the latest iOS 11.3.1 build, and it also seems to affect the latest public build of iOS 11.4.

If you're hit by this issue, CNET has outlined a couple of ways you can fix the issue quickly and easily without doing something silly like wiping your handset.

This bug is similar to the Telagu Indian character bug that Apple patched earlier this year, and is yet another in a long series of bugs that have plagued iOS 11 since its release back in September of last year.

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