Laird Sentrius RG1xx Gateway offers platform for low-power, long-range enterprise IoT deployments

Think IoT is all about turning light bulbs off and on? Think again.
Laird Sentrius RG1xx Gateway offers platform for low-power, long-range enterprise IoT deployments

Laird Sentrius RG1xx Gateway

Think IoT is all about turning light bulbs off and on? Think again. Laird's new Sentrius RG1xx LoRa (low-power, long-range) Gateway enables versatile private enterprise IoT (EIoT) network deployment.

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The Sentrius RG1xx LoRa Gateway allows enterprise customers to create secure, scalable, robust LoRa network solutions for end-to-end control of private LoRaWAN networks. Using Laird's 50 Series "Wireless Bridge" certified module, it offers enterprise customers dual-band Wi-Fi, Bluetooth v4.0 (low energy and classic), and wired Ethernet for complete design freedom.

Based on the Semtech SX1301/SX1257 chipset designs, the Sentrius RG1xx offers a LoRa range up to 10 miles and comes pre-loaded LoRa Packet Forwarder software, making it suited for highly scalable, flexible IoT networks.

The range can be further extended to hundreds of miles with additional gateway deployments, as needed. This provides more convenience and flexibility for EIoT implementations that can be integrated nearly anywhere, without the need to build telecom infrastructure up to the site or pay for on-going commercial cellular subscriptions.

LoRa, which is a rapidly growing standard in the LPWAN space for IoT and machine-to-machine connectivity, allows for secure, bi-directional data transfer and communications with IoT networks over long distances for years without a battery change.

The Sentrius RG1xx Gateway works with Laird's Sentrius RM1xx-M2 Series LoRa+BLE certified modules for simple out-of-the-box integration, and is compatible with third party cloud and LoRa partners, as well as any LoRaWAN-certified client devices. Laird's Sentrius RG1xx Gateway gives multi-protocol connectivity to your long-distance IoT sensors and devices to create actionable IoT intelligence.

Tech specs:

  • Full Linux operating system -- Kernel v4.x running on Atmel A5 Core @ 536 MHz
  • Multiple interfaces such as LoRaWAN, 802.11a/b/g/n, Bluetooth v4.0, and Ethernet
  • 8-Channel LoRaWAN support with up to +27dBM max transmit power
  • Comprehensive Certifications for FCC / IC / CE (all pending)
  • Industrial temperature range (-30º to 70º C)
  • Advanced deployment tools including intuitive web-based configuration, integrated LoRa packet forwarder, and default settings for multiple LoRa Network Server vendors
  • Enterprise-grade security built on Laird's years of experience in wireless
  • Industry-leading support works directly with Laird engineers to help deploy your design

A LoRa network can easily span an entire campus or industrial complex and be used to gather sensor data that can provide deep insights needed to maintain efficiency, productivity, and other sensor data such as asset tracking.

"The Sentrius RG1xx has been purpose-built from the ground up to create a secure, scalable, robust LoRa network solution," said Scott Lordo, senior vice president of Laird. "The RG1xx, paired with the other elements of Laird's growing Sentrius LPWAN ecosystem, enables cost-effective and end-to-end control of public and private LoRa networks alike."

Production units for both the RG1xx and RG1xx-M2 will be available starting in June 2017.

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